IIA Latvia training: Practical Implementation of the COSO Internal Control Framework

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  • COSO frameworks and their relationship with CoBiT;
  • different types of Internal Audit;


  • key terms, definitions, and concepts;
  • relationship among objectives, components and the entity`s structure;
  • key roles and responsibilities within organization;

Control Environment:

  • control environment component of internal control, including principles and points of focus;
  • evaluation of control environment;

Risk Assessment:

  • key concepts relating to risk assessment component of internal control
  • aspects of risk assessment for internal auditors Control Activities;
  • key concepts relating to control activities component of internal control;
  • examples of effective control activities;

Information & Communication, Monitoring Activities

The course will include practical examples and case studies, which the participants should find very useful. The price includes two coffee breaks and lunch. Free parking will be available.

Price:160 EUR (incl. VAT) for early bird and 200 EUR (incl. VAT) as standard member price.


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03.04.2019 - 09:00
Asukoht: Katrīnas dambis 27, Riga